Unchained Sienna Temp Health Talents

Please give Unchained Sienna Temp health on kill talent for lvl 20.

Unchained Sienna has been my favorite class, but i consider her almost unplayable. 1 Reason. Temp Health Generation.

She has Soul Quench(stagger temp Health) and Reckless Rampage(multiple enemies hit temp health) and 3rd talent being Burn Bloom (aka heal share Area party heal).

Weapon Limitation
Unchained Sienna cannot generate much temp health with the Mace and Crowbil. I ask for more diversity because Soul Quench and Reckless Rampage are much the same on Unchained sienna AOE Fireweapons.

I’d Recommend Keeping 1 of those 2 talents and giving her Temp health on kill talent instead.

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I had 500 lvls in pyro before starting on unchained. After the talent rework, I was the team healer with pyro and remained it with unchained. It’s much better to learn to play without temp health at all.


IMO, temp health on cleave works pretty damn well on the crowbill. The key is that you still get temp health when you only hit one enemy. You just get more temp health when you hit multiple enemies. The crowbill attacks a lot, so you end up getting enough temp health for most practical purposes – you certainly get enough temp health to vent safely.


2-h mace for THP on stagger (push stab attack to generate THP more quickly)

2-h mace (heavy attack 1 & 2) and Fire Sword for THP on damaging multiple enemies

Do not use regular sword (still has phantom swings on 1st light attack)
Do not use ceremonial dagger (hard to hit multiple enemies and stagger is weak)
Do not use crowbill (hard to hit multiple enemies and stagger is weak plus push stab is still messed up)

As Unchained, you’re better off using the mace (for elites and CC) or fire sword (for DoT and CC) as it gives sufficient THP and deals crazy damage when your overcharge is in that sweet spot right before the 2nd line of the overcharge meter.

You probably havn’t done Fortunes of war on Legend. Gl not generating temp health. Temp Health is very much needed in Legend+

You shouldn’t compare FoW with pug / deed Legend gameplay.


Ditto, though not level 500. I play as a group heal sienna with a barkskin. She stays up longer in bad situations and can pull off some really clutch heals.

Also, Legend FoW is insane – I can never survive past the Chaos Warrior onslaught. I don’t think of that level as a reasonable standard for how a class should be calibrated.

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Fortunes of War is different then regular Legend. My Arguement being made is that Sienna’s Talents needs to be more universal for different playstyles. I’m glad you can play Unchained Sienna with heal Share, But understand not everyone wants to play that way.

Having more choices makes a game better. Changing 1 of the temp health generating talents so she can use the crowbil/mace better is not a big ask.

Hell, I use longsword, and even though it has AoE I still find it difficult to get much THP with it.

Boon of shallya fixes everything and THP on cleave is the best THP talent available, but unfortunately it greatly benefits from attack speed. And Sienna builds are all about damage most of the time.
If you have trouble generating THP, boon of shallya will fix that. Even as IB I can get and keep over 40THP during encounters and his THP on kill isn’t really a good THP generating talent (hammer + stagger THP on the other hand… :slight_smile: ).

As a main unchained (though kind of transitioning to BW) I have absolutely no problem with generating temp HP with mace or now crowbill (though I really don’t like that weapon much).
I consider hp on cleave to be strictly better than hp on kill for anything but daggers.
Balance between classes is good now, but Unchained is probably still one of the strongest subclasses in the game.

I think what @junglejollies is mentioning is that Unchained using Temp-Health on Cleave generates plenty of temp-health; just not enough to sustain in FoW. I would also reference @Krator on his response for the Boon of Shallya remedying most problems with the THP-on-Cleave build.

I also agree: more options is good but certainly not always better. It means we would have to balance 4 talents per tier on fifteen careers. i think we would lose out on more content if FatShark is just patching talents because someone’s got a favorite they want buffed.

I don’t agree that it would be helpful for Auntie-Anger to get a THP-on-kill: she can 1-shot Storm-Vermin practically on a whim. That’s all-too-much temp-health for the rest of the game.

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