Is Unchained Sienna Any Good?

There does not seem to be a General subforum so…I guess I ask here?

As the title says; I usually find myself overloading before my ultimate is off cooldown, which then incaps me. I feel like Unchained is just terrible…I always use Pyromancer because Laughing Skull just destroys whole waves.

I don’t play much Sienna myself, but I get the impression Unchained is not her best career at the moment. However, in the hands of some players she seems almost god like.


Fair enough. I’m trying to get back into the game after a break. I can’t figure out why I can’t upgrade my Green-tier throwing axes. Even if I unequip them, they don’t show up on the upgrade panel.

I like playing her with Fireball staff and Flail. Is a lot of fun and definetly viable…
She is VERY tanky, too.

I go Pyromancer and war pick, myself. With a beam staff for ranged

Probably because they are equipped on another career as well.

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You are probably right. For some reason, I thought only the Berserker Bardin could use them.

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I really like Unchained as of the Winds of Magic patch. If you’re careful about taking damage, you will never overcharge. The true strength of Unchained is not the ability to take damage, but the ability to stagger and deal damage to the enemies.

I personally never use the crowbill with Unchained, because you need to be able to generate a lot of THP for venting and the crowbill doesn’t synergize well with THP on cleave or stagger. All of her other melees work pretty well though. The dagger is my personal favorite for the quick staggers and decent armor damage. Every staff has its uses as well, although I prefer fireball staff and beam staff because they seem the most heat-efficient of the five to me.

For talents I tend to pick:

  1. depends of what melee you are using
  2. Chain Reaction for extra stagger
  3. Enhanced Power for an extra stack of unstable strength
  4. Conduit or dissipate, depending on whether or not I’m using the dagger (dagger has really good blocks; I don’t block much with the other weapons)
  5. Natural Talent for more casts
  6. Bomb Balm for extra THP

Generally as Unchained you’ll want to stay towards the middle of the overcharge bar, in case anything unexpected happens and you take a few hits. If you do go up the bar, just vent some and keep attacking. The key is to be very aggressive, and switch between melee and ranged often. Venting damage shouldn’t be an issue since you will be getting a lot of THP.

UC ult you want to hold onto until you need it. It’s not like Merc THP shout etc…
It doesn’t do a lot of damage either so don’t use it offensively.

if enough time is put in, jus like all things, she can prove to be very good. she has a cool down mechanic that is superior to the other 2 careers, jus gotta learn to leverage her shortcomings and strengths. i can share this highlight of a 13,000 boss damage and almost 40,000 damage cata twitch game a had a while back. she is extremely capable, dont let the popular opinions sway you’re interest