A humble request from a humble Huntsman

I’ve been playing Huntsman a lot recently and while I love the tactical gameplay you can achieve the is one thing that makes the class currently so sup-par: the Ultimate.

Dont misunderstand me I think it’s fine from a damage output point of view BUT loosing Invisibility after your fist shot, for which you don’t even get a damage boost like Shade, makes it so damn clunky. Having to choose between using it to get out of a sticky situation or saving a teammate vs actually helping with the situation itself makes it just too weak. I more often than not use it solely for defensive purposes i.e. getting out of a deadly situations (and with the very limited amount of health you have these are quite frequent) without being able to contribute anything just feels bad.

And I dont think the 5-6 seconds of Invisibility plus Damage boost would be OP as you can still get hit. But in turn it would make Huntsman sooo much better both from a gameplay perspective as wells as making it a viable class again.


Its pretty weak in general, and it slows you and prevents you from passing through enemies like shade stealth allows so even for defensive purposes its not fantastic, aisde from dodging hooks or specials, the damage output on it is pretty sub par as well, very sup par if you look at how strong it was in the past or compare it to some of the other actives, HS is “good” but very very very niche.


Would be nice if the invisibility timer and the damage timer would be independent.


What do you mean? it does have a damage boost, but like LuiKang said, separate timers for each would be nice. Also what ranged weapon are you using? Some work better than others in different roles.

Agree for sure. I’d like to see stealth not break on ranged. It’s only 5 seconds, that would make up for the various other shortcomings.

Huntsmans ult just feels like a worse version of the RV ult.

If i were to buff Huntsmans ult, I’d remove the breaking stealth on attack and reduce the cooldown from 90 seconds to 75 seconds. These changes would make it more useable and feel less weak.

The damage boost is big, and even a few seconds of stealth is a major advantage (as Handmaiden shows). Having the stealth not breaking upon shooting would likely be too strong (though could be worth a Talent).

As @LuiKangBakingAPie said, having the stealth and damage boost being on separate timers would quite possibly be enough improvement to the skill. At the moment, we cannot really take advantage from either, as they’re on the same timer: If we want to use the stealth, there’s no time to shoot anything; if we want to use the damage boost, we have to waste a few moments of it to (re)aim, and cannot use the stealth aspect to reposition for lack of time. This, made worse by the short time, makes the ability also clearly harder to use than the other Career Skills. So please, try making the damage timer start from breaking stealth, not starting it. After that, other tweaks could be done if still needed.


but its really not anymore… HS is worse than Shade, WS, and any Satz career with BoP at killing bosses, I always felt huntsman was a semi high skill career, now with THP changes and power creep (plus nerfs to Longbow and his active) he is slightly harder to use and comparatively isn’t as strong. I think other ranged careers suffer more than HS does, but HS feels like a very niche career that isn’t even the best at his niche. All things considered however he is probably fine.

One small thing would be to make the first shot that breaks stealthbe an automatic crit so that you could synergize with cirt traits like scrounger and hunter.

Another thing could be to have the temp hp talent for his ult give you 50 temp hp like RV, WS and PM.


Giving him the ability to fire from stealth would be stupidly OP. He already gets:

  1. The biggest ranged damage boost of any class
  2. Multiple crit and reload speed passives
  3. Unlimited ammo and free reloads with every ult
  4. Passive ammo on headshot
  5. The ability to pierce superarmour with any weapon while ult is up
  6. +20% damage debuff talent like WHC ping only automatic.

The only thing I agree with is making his THP ult talent the same as other classes, a flat 50thp up front instead of the current regen.


Yeah, I agree. His ult only seems underwhelming until you realize all it does. It’s probably the most jam-packed ult already. With Blunderbuss, Huntsman annihilates everything. With his bow he is a jack-of-all-trades with infinite ammo even outside of ult.

I agree, I play HS quite a bit (especially since I found that fancy bonnet <3) and the only thing I’d like to see changed is is temp health generation (guy needs the crit/headshot thing) and I think the active ability could indeed use two seperate timers, so you can truly ambush people: stealth is the setup, breaking stealth is the ambush. But yes, HS is imho one of the carreers with some of the best kits and his talent choice is very versatile. I do wish he’d have something that synergized with BB or repeater a bit better (the headshot talents are… let’s say “not optimal” for these two), but these are minor things.
I mean, being capable of 1-shot crit-headshotting CW outside of your active ability with handgun is already an astonishing feat and boss damage with handgun is no joke at all.


Well yes and no. I totally agree that it is the most versatile Ult in the game and the potential is huuuge. That’s why I love to play Huntsman as it gives you all those nice tactical maneuvers that you can pull off.

However I think that two separate timers would be extremely OP as you would have to inrease the Duration quite a bit (you currently have something like 5-6 seconds and 3 seconds stealth followed by 3 seconds Damageboost is just not an option) If you would increase that to say 4-5 seconds each thats just way to much power as you would essentially get a second Ult on top. Of course that would be nice and would make the class more fun but again it would be easily be broken.

I still think that the current ult is fine but breaking stealth after the first shot is unnecessary.

And yes fixing the temp health Talents would also be quite important. I think a ranged talent would be too OP considering the amount of DPS you have so Temp health on crits should be fine.

And also Huntsmans Ult is one of the few (or even the only one) which does not have and immediate impact on a fight. Most others push or Instakill something making them a sort of panic button. Only other Ult that doesn’t have that is shade but with her you can at least move past enemies plus you get a full 10 seconds of ult.

I compared it to shades ult where you one hit kill something, which is worth breaking stealth in most situations. With huntsman you can still miss or, depending on the weapon, you still need several shots to kill f.e. a CW. Breaking stealth does not give you an immediate benefit to impact any given situation.

And to ranged weapons I pretty much tried all of them, currently running either Blunderbuss or Bow but I also used Repeater for a while. Haven’t played too much with Handgun to be honest.

Apart from some quality of live changes (which he really does) need i don’t really agree making any huge changes how the stealth interacts. Being able to fire multiple times (say against patrol) would be ridiculously powerful. I also kinda see why people compare it to shades ult but i think its a mistake for the simple reason that shades ult is highly overturned atm and needs a nerf plain and simple.

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Well saying it doesn’t do damage like shade is a given but when you maximize your shots fired within the ult the difference isn’t that much and shade can’t really ult to clear horde while huntsman can, but when huntsman needs to use it to reposition, shade’s just becomes a much better option.

I don’t really, if you can position well, the separate timers don’t make any difference, but when it’s an “ambush”, using ult to move away and losing the offensive benefits makes it a subpar skill with a longer cd than most.

I agree that the ULT is one of the worst and offensively it has 2 problems:

  1. It’s DPS is very subpar compared to other classes.

  2. Unlike the shade who explodes her DPS into 1 single easy backstab from invisibility, the Huntsman has to do his dps over a relatively long period of time. This is time you don’t have. You will be interrupted and your already shitty DPS will be contested by rats/rotbloods randoms or simply boss aggro.

Also note that the shade, with concentration potion, can instantly utilize her ult and wait for the next one to pop up. The huntsman with his shitty long ult time and clunky DPS delivery (being interrupted and aggroed) has none of this. Hell, even Saltz WHC with a strength potion +ult and some vs monster stats can blow more DPS out with his infinite dodge BoP and be a much more satisfying class.

I love playing huntsman and I feel that it is a great class to play. But his ULT currently makes it feel horrible to play with him. You’re a weak glass cannon with no real bite or versatility.

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I mean thats exactly my point. If you ult to clear hordes the stealth doesn’t make a difference. If you got time and space to just happily spam away the Inivis doesn’t make a difference anyway. It’s just usefull if s**t hits the fan and then you are stuck with only the stealth and no damage outpout in a situation where you definitly need it the most.

And the question of separate timers is probably one the we both can’t really answer. I’m just saying I would be fine with just being able to have stealth on for the current 6 seconds. And dont get me wrong I would be extremely happy about separat timers I’m just afraid that fatshark would consider this to be too much. Anyway any change would be great.

Btw is there someone from fatshark reading this? If so, could someone pls clarify if there are plans to even change things like that in the future? And if there are is there currently some work or consideration being put into patching Huntsman?

And even if there are no plans it would still be really awesome to read your take on the topic!

Cheers, and Thanks in advance!

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