No new balancing?

I’m here after months and we still have just some hotfix? Huntsman is still so crippled since last big (and unmotivated) nerf? And classes like WHC?

Mate just give up, there was more then two months since the last “fixing” patch. FS does whatever the hell they wants, so asking them about smth or hoping about smth is just stupid.

Hey, people take their own time to get through the mourning process. Some of us have already gotten to acceptance but everyone walks their own path and that’s fine. We need to be supportive and understand that this comes from a place of grief and shouldn’t be judged or scorned as its perfectly human to grieve.

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Huntsman is far from crippled.

But the lack of balancing is a shame, one gets burnt out on this game for all the wrong reasons.


The updates don’t come out immediately after people get back from their vacations. There aren’t many things that require only the input of one person, and the things that have progressed when some people were vacationing likely needed their inputs before they could be worked on more. And it’s been two weeks since July, so I suspect they’re only now starting to catch up with their work. Patience is a virtue.

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why did people go on vacation e_e?
it’s as if those people don’t weigh their company’s product very highly in their personal scale.

wats more important, getting me work done or instant gratification ;o? mmm i’ll pick instant gratification, becuz i’ve become a particular type of person. hooray :O!


crippled? rofl he’s arguably the strongest.

but yes i agree on this tho: our beloved game is stagnant atm

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It was NEVER justified and totally random.

B-but that was literally the only thing huntsman was good at… Total trash tier, cant one-hit non-crit body shot CW to the body with active anymore, total trash. Did i mention hes useless and unplayable? Trash, yeah.

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The saddest part is that a lot of these bugs are STILL existent in the game …

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