Game and UI Feedback

- Kruber huntsman

  • The power feels a bit weak now after the launch changes. Would be better if it had a longer duration (1-2 more seconds) or if it retained invisibility after attacking. I’d swap it for the ranger vet’s power in a heartbeat if I could.
  • The huntsman bow has an awkward delay after firing an arrow which prevents switching weapons (and feels far too long). Given that the bow also prevents movement when fully drawn, this makes the weapon feel very awkward to use.
  • The huntsman bow has a quick drop in accuracy as it starts zooming, which makes the zooming pointless because it’s then not possible to hit the targets you needed the zoom to see.

- General

  • So far in about 100 hours of play my team of 4 has seen zero cosmetics. I know the cosmetics are supposed to be rare, but that seems astronomically low (and then there are all of the different characters/careers on top of that).
  • In that same time we’ve seen 2 reds total. Given that reds are basically just cosmetics, that also seems like a low drop chance. But perhaps this gets better after farming legend consistently. Also I’m worried about long term red farming if they can drop repeats (of the same illusion).
  • 10 second scoreboard timer is too short to see the scoreboard if you level up. Not sure why it was dropped from 30 seconds in the beta.
  • Would like to see a friendly fire category on the scoreboard.
  • Level finish/loot animations are too slow.
  • Salvaging an entire inventory in 9 item chunks gets tedious, would rather mark items and salvage them all at once. Alternatively it would be nice to have "salvage all " type buttons.
  • It’d be nice to sort inventories by type of item (handgun, drakefire pistol, etc.). Slayer dual axes do this already (when not on slayer career) and it’s fantastic when I want to compare those axes. I think I actually prefer that type sorting more than the power level sort.
  • Some sort of favorite/star item system would be great. I’d rather not risk salvaging my good items that aren’t equipped.
  • I’d prefer illusions be unlocked when you extract them for the first time and then have you be able to see and use them as many times as you want. Alternatively illusions could be free to extract and cost scrap to apply.
  • It would be nice to see unavailable items (equipped by other careers) when I’m in the crafting screen, so I’m not confused by their absence.
  • Preferred the accurate damage amount training dummies instead of the inflated amounts.
  • Boss levels in quick play are instant quits (excluding warcamp). Would be nice to give some incentive to those harder levels, or maybe a quickplay option that excludes a couple levels.
  • There doesn’t seem to be a way to increase your chances of loot dice like the first game and its luck mechanic.
  • Curse resistance as a property seems confusing as a 33% roll gives you 33% of your total health back when carrying two grims. I’d expect the property to read “curse resistance 50%” instead, since it reduces the effect of grims by half.
  • Deeds seem underwhelming reward-wise. My team would rather just do 2g/3t runs instead. Guaranteed specific items/cosmetics or 1 tier higher chests would make us consider doing them instead of regular runs.
  • Keep has very low customization, although I would expect this to change as the pictures and trophies are released.
  • I’m hesitant to recommend the game to friends (new players) because of the gear level grind. I would want to play with them, but they wouldn’t be high enough power to start running higher difficulties (should be allowed in private games without the start+join loophole) and there isn’t a good way to grind their gear levels quickly. The fastest way would be to get them a red item to skew up their gear score drops, but then I’m just circling back to the low red drop rate and it not being feasible. So my friends would need to grind a lengthy amount of time to play together on equal footing or I would need to drop down and steamroll lower difficulties.

Edit: corrected issue

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