[PC] - Vermintide 2 - Patch 1.0.7 and

I don’t believe that’s a bug. It’s at worst an incorrect description. Sure, we all have things that we’d also like to have, but I think this patch is top notch.

The handgun buff makes me super happy.

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Okay im going to be a bit of an ass here (sorry i love your work fatshark!) but … When does the big update with all content is going out. Since the tease i am keeping my chests and vault… I am at 42 for now… i still have a lot of stacks to go but… its looong :sob: anyway good work with this update anyway :slight_smile:

Great stuff, happy to see you kept the difficulty intact while focusing more on actual problems like silent patrols coming out of nowhere and globerats instawiping a squad. I think this should improve gameplay a lot without it losing the intended difficulty.

Should tide me over to next week, can’t wait to see what the first content update brings us…

Love it! Super awesome patch. Played a few rounds so far and so far everything is solid. Being able to actually use explosive barrels is sweet!

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When I have a chance to play I’ll see if this has my spawn rates back to normal. Thank you for the detailed notes. The changes look great.

You mean that killing a tagged special and getting so few temp hp that as soon as you get them they are already decayed, is intentional? This would be like having the slayer’s dps buff last for less than the time required for him to strike again, thus making it completely pointless.

What did the falchion ever do to you?


Rip my favorite weapon, the Falchion :frowning:


the barrel buff is cool

Made my Krubers arming sword jealous, I guess. We’ll see if nerf is too big, but on paper it doesn’t seem that bad, compared to other weapons that are playable.

“Tweaked input buffering to more reliably switch wielded weapons.” this is music in my ears. i hope it kills me less now.

Yes, I mean that. It isn’t 2 hp when you kill a tagged enemy, it’s 2 hp x4 when anyone in the party kills an enemy that could, theoretically, be tagged.
Though that is immaterial to this patch - nothing there was changed, and I can neither answer why nor what the intended state is. We will see.

After this update, the game will not launch for me anymore and crashes. I was told to copy this from the clipboard after the crash, so here it is.

GUID: 4c198d99-9d8b-478c-ac8b-7961ffd57c07
Log File:
Info Type:

I’ll start from the end:

This probably means that 1h sword is even more dead now.

One-handed axes
Idk if these changes are good enough, but axes definitely need a buff.

Nice buff, but I am afraid they might be too op now.

Crossbows have officially unlimited ammo now.


Nice little change, but still useless. It needs its attack pattern changed, else it’s too bad against waves. Alternatively it needs more stagger, to make it better against elites. Then it can be a nice specialized weapon

Conflagration staff
Whatever, but why wasn’t Fireball staff also buffed this way?

This is not gonna change anything, if they keep throwing globes from the cover.

Fixes, that have already been fixed:


Nice anticipated changes:

Still no changes to loot system. Feels bad.

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These are all awesome thank you! I do have a large problem I encounter a lot though with Shade I’m hoping will be looked into, if it isn’t being done already. When I use her invisibility while in that white temp health state (after getting picked up) it just drains the ability bar without actually putting me in invis state. This doesn’t happen in last stand health, but it does on that temp white health pick up state. Will this be something that will be fixed soon also?

Good grief, give it a rest will ya? Pretty common thing for bugfixes to be an ongoing process, and it’s pretty easy for a visible bug to be caused by More than one sequence of events. Antagonizing the devs (who are clearly working their arses off for this amazing game) helps no one.


You’re right, I am being very impolite, though I am more concerned about this part:

I apologize.

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doesn’t matter if everyone gets 2 hp, because since its temp hp as soon as you get it it decays. Not only the bonus is very little, but doesn’t even persist long enough to absorb 1/10 of a skaven slave’s hit.

very nice patch thanks! but a kind of odd selection of balance changes not just what you did but what you again didn’t do. Basically im wondering if your vision of V2 has shifted and the infinite range meta is how its always going to be?

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