1.0.8 silent changes

Calm down, mate. Haven’t you realized this topic is fully Kappa? Except for the list of Kappa. They are (not)Kappa. Just trying to be useful to other Kappa.

same back to you :stuck_out_tongue:


Nik is a well known FS fanboi Kappa

Resoursful sharpsooter works for sure, heat sink worked on beta, didn’t test it on live. BTW I’m not saying that it worth using for conflag :wink:

Hm I repeatedly tested heatsink for conflag in the beta (albeit on dummies) and it didn’t work at all, whereas FB works just fine (at least for the projectile, doesnt seem to work for the explosion)

Optimization broke some SSAO settings, turning the environment into a pastel slurry

K, I’ll add that as “a brand new cool looking contusion effect”.

Actually I don’t care, and actually I don’t hate devs and the game, but shhh, I have a reputation to uphold.

Also I don’t think that creating a topic with a single purpose of making fun of devs is constructive or healthy. You have some experience and maybe you’re right about the community, but I am not going to speed up its decay with my hands.

But I’ll completely understand if anyone else will, cause FS definitely deserved such attitude.

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Huh.apparently BoP has penetration now. Or did I just not notice before?
ed: and di flail always have full armor pen? I remember light attacks didn’t really work on CW,now you can kill them with one light combo.
not sure if true or I’m just projecting cause I didn’t play Saltz lately.

Regarding Flail:

As for BoP, there were no official changes, but I don’t think such important buff could slip through unnoticed and unannounced.

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Well,I just finished playing and I’m 100% positive BoP penetrates at least two targets,maybe three,would have to test. Maybe I will once I’m back after the weekend.

According to spreadsheets its mass is 1.755. That should penetrate 1 target max.

Clan ans Slave Rats no longer have the ignite puff of flame.

Don’t think that was a silent intentional change. Sounds more like bug.

characters dialogue at the keep, some nice one btw

This line is very vague, so I honestly don’t know if It covers up keep dialogues and whether or not I should add a paragraph about that. What do you think?

Maybe just mention that there are new voicelines in places/situations where there were none before.

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Infiltrate dmg not multiplied by “Assasin’s Blade” and “Ereth Khial’s Herald” talent for this trait is not working, on dummies at least.

Also it’s been like forever in this game. Before it used to decrease the damage, now it seems to simply not work.

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