1.0.8 silent changes

Things that I am aware of:

  • The F2 F2 bug has been finally fixed! Hooray!
  • Shade’s active was removed from the game. (back in
  • Traits now work on hagbane bow as well as staffs’ charged attacks. Try it out, guys!
  • Magic effects and dots now properly work on dummies.
  • You now always see (and get annoyed by) min/max property stats on items.
  • Battle Wizard’s Reckless Haste trait now works properly.
  • SnD and Sword and Shield got buffed instead of SnS and DnD. MonkaS (DnD also got love in
  • Keep jump puzzle has been expanded!!!
  • Backstab now might work on ranged weapons, but that’s not accurate.
  • Blightstormer has new cool storm outline.
  • Items can’t be picked through obstacles anymore?
  • Bosses have now melee damage caps attached to them.
  • Characters now talk to each other in keep
  • Ranger Veteran now crits with ranged weapons while using his active?

Is there anything else? There should be something else.


Silent hordes/berserkers/another shіt.


Come on, it’s been like this forever. Gimme some new stuff.

Well, in a new patch it’s even more often then before :rofl:

Heatsink trait now works with fireball staff charged attack.

Yep, fs fixed fireball and conflag heavy “on crit” traits. Also attack sound for Bloodreaper illusion volley xbow was fixed.

@Nilter @Nullandvoid Thanks. :+1:

I was wondering why I don’t kill things with it. I even played dnd and snd to check out the new armor pierce… The more you know.

btw, double/triple damage bug is back in the game. Single clan rat took half my hp with normal attack,slave rat took about 90%,again,with a weak attack.

silent patrols are also still a thing.

VT2 is such a good souls-rogue-like…

This is not a bug thread, sorry. Would love to do one for lulz, but can’t - I have some reputation, and some people gonna lynch me if I try. Somehow they think I hate this game and all the devs, each and every one personally.

Looping horde music? oh wait

Idk what you’re talking about. No music - no problems, since 1.0.6.

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bugs are also changes,and I’m pretty sure

is a bug and I assume you pointed it out in a sarcastic way. Also,why do you care? Let the fairyland of rainbows and sweets people do their thing and you do yours. It’s not like this community is gonna last much longer anyway.

yea you are right, im the d.ck here, why have i never thought about muting the game, problem solved…
along with incorrect voicelines, special sounds (if theres any) sv patrols sometimes silent, im getting hit through block anyway, thus no need to hear where does that happen, so what am i losing…
they should put this in the next patch…

I knew it worked on FB, but it didnt work on conflag in the beta - are you sure it works on live?

Calm down, mate. Haven’t you realized this topic is fully Kappa? Except for the list of Kappa. They are (not)Kappa. Just trying to be useful to other Kappa.

same back to you :stuck_out_tongue:


Nik is a well known FS fanboi Kappa

Resoursful sharpsooter works for sure, heat sink worked on beta, didn’t test it on live. BTW I’m not saying that it worth using for conflag :wink:

Hm I repeatedly tested heatsink for conflag in the beta (albeit on dummies) and it didn’t work at all, whereas FB works just fine (at least for the projectile, doesnt seem to work for the explosion)

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