Rock of the Reikland (Footknight) removes aura's damage reduction

Is it a bug? I hope it’s a bug.


Yeah apparently the extra sprinkle of love was literally just talent names and icons, not bug fixes that were flagged like a month ago.

@FatsharkJulia @Fatshark_Hedge What’s the deal here? Were any of the bugs flagged in the beta forums fixed when it was pushed live? Assuming not, when are you planning to address this stuff, seems like when you pushed it live would have been the perfect opportunity?


to be fair no one mentioned this on the forums more than once and no one replied to it so it probably never got seen during the beta

I am positive I saw this mentioned in 2 different threads absolute minimum. Had thought it was posted in the bug section as well, though not as sure on that one.


Yep, there were at least two threads, on this argument, under beta - bug section… honestly I can’t understand all this silence from Fatshark.

Sorry, my bad, I clearly scared them off by being too mean :face_with_raised_eyebrow: It’d be nice if we didn’t have to chase them for basic communication about bug fixes. Still don’t even know if anything was changed at all between beta and live :man_shrugging:

I just don’t know why pretty basic communication is so hard for them. After playing a bunch of Risk of Rain 2 recently and seeing how well that (3 person?) studio nails updates and communicates so effectively with their player base, it’s just hard to understand how with over 100 people FS struggles to even release accurate/complete patch notes.

Unless… I dunno, Darktide has been drawing more resources than they let on, and they have once again spread themself way too thin. Or they just don’t think this stuff is important and are focusing mostly on Chaos Wastes.

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I agree with people saying the communication is a bit uneven.

You could it around. Imagine if you need to communicate the most important issues with 100 people, get them to bring you proper feedback and make sure that the most important stuff is being both brought from and back to the community. I would sure prefer a group of three discussing what issues are important etc.

I do think the company could work a bit on it, as stated, though.

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You’re right I’m being mean. Just feels a bit like you’re screaming into the void here a lot of the time. It wouldn’t matter as much if patch notes could be relied upon to be accurate and sufficiently detailed, but, well, y’know. Anyway enough said, I’ll just wait and hope we hear something.

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Unfortunately we still have somewhat of a skeleton crew and one overstretched developer handling all reports made in the BBB (I wasn’t involved due to other commitments) which may explain the lack of communication. I know he did his best to pick up on the most notorious issues.

I’ll be churning through everything reported in the non-BBB ‘Bugs’ category later on/tomorrow morning.


Thank you that’s honestly really good to know. Much appreciated.

Don’t know. If I would have to decide this as manager, I wouldn’t waste ressources on an additional patch note for the BBB to live state. The important one is 3.0 to 3.1 as it describes the actual changes for the live game we all play again.

Of course it is interesting to know if and what FS has changed in the last untested balance round but this can be done by hand as the BBB forum has been unlocked again.

Ah yes, we can compare the beta patch notes that have now reappeared to the 3.1 notes. Because their patch notes are of course famously reliable and accurate:

No offence, but that’s the most patently flawed suggestion I’ve seen you make here. Can’t compare patch notes when it’s well established that they’re inaccurate and inconsistent to a pretty unsettling extent.

So yeah, I think at very least they need to release fully accurate patch notes. If they did this I agree a list of changes wouldn’t be the necessary, though still massively useful.

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