Hordes make my game silent

Every time a horde spawns, my game goes completely silent. This happen before latest patch and still happens after.

PC version

Horde spawned on me :smiley: and I got killed. When I got picked up, my game was really muffled like I was having Vietnam flashbacks after a flash grenade. and my weapons made no sounds when I hit walls, but made static noises when I hit enemies. I could not hear any sounds from the other players characters as well. Specials were silent

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I had this after I drank a potion (have perk that all 3 effects occur). The sound got distorted, slowed down and muffled up and stayed that way. Also after completion of the level later in the keep.
Had to close and reopen the game to fix this.

This happend to me 3 times over the past year. Sometimes this gets triggered via ult too. Don’t know if a horde spawning triggered this bug.

Hmmm! This is an unusual one, and admittedly I’m not sure how we would replicate this.

Could you try running through the solutions listed here for audio issues?

Yeah I tried all of that. It was gone for a long time, because it used to do that to me before, and it just recently started up again before the new patch dropped. I’ll check out some other stuff and see if it helps

I have the same problem except its been happening ever since November beta patch (and it wasn’t happening in the live version at the same time so it’s 100% what this patch changed, at least in my case). Game is not enjoyable in this state. Last time I reported this issue it didn’t really go anywhere. I guess this game is just gone for me (sound ques are pretty important).

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@GeneShalit Assuming this is still an issue for you, could you upload a DxDiag please? :slight_smile:

DxDiag.txt (72.0 KB)

You wouldn’t have happened to have been on the map “The Pit”? When hordes stack hyper dense on there, I get really weird audio issues. I’ve even had everyone in party on discord hear them at the same time. So it’s not just a local thing. And I’ve experienced it when other people are hosting a lot. Especially at the Defend the windows event, when a ton are trying to get in. Or if everyone stacks in a corner upstairs and makes them climb, it gets really bad.

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