Endless&silent horde music


So i´ve been getting more frequent cases of horde music looping and never stopping, i´ve no idea what triggers it but its really messing with my sense of pacing and match progression. This since i can never tell when a horde is starting or stopping.

Then i´ve also had cases where there is no music at all, just sudden armies of enemies spawning and running in. Sometimes in plain sight.

Has the first bug actually ever gotten fixed or does it just keep coming back? I found posts reporting it back from 2019.


I had that endless horde music three times in the last ~2 weeks. It was always the Beastmen horde music.

Interestingly at a boss spawn the boss’ music takes over. But the endless horde music continues right after the monster’s death.
I’ll try to add logs if it happens again.


So today I got it in two games in a row, both times in Athel Yenlui, near the beginning where you jump down a ravine.
First with a beastmen horde and second time with a skaven horde.
[Example video for location] (https://youtu.be/iiIbZPDRNcY?t=195)

I am suspecting Athel Yenlui is more prone to this bug since I think to remember it happening more on that map.

The games were roughly between UTC 20:15 - 21:15
console-2021-03-05-17.05.52-3ca86056-9d75-44e6-97cf-e7995f1b665d.log.zip (348.4 KB)

I´ve been getting it and similar bugs on skittergate, blood in the darkness and festering ground since starting the thread-

A particularly annoying one is where Deathrattlers gun noise does not stop : (

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