The Music of Beastmen Horde

The drum music that sounds during Beastmen Horde are frequently doesn’t stop until the end of mission.

Fix it, please.


This is actually part of a larger problem that occurs very occasionally and sometimes affects other factions as well - it’s not just the music that doesn’t stop playing, the increased aggro radius also stays. It’s like the horde stops spawning, but the effects of an active horde never stop for the entire mission. You’ll see a natural spawn of Stormvermin suddenly aggro from down the end of a street in Screaming Bell for instance.

It can make an otherwise ordinary mission exceptionally difficult. It’s almost impossible to tell when a new horde starts, when a monster spawns and when specials are coming in because the music is just blaring constantly, and pushing forward just continually aggros more and more enemies from insane distances.


It’s true.

It happens to me every mission.

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