Neverending Beastmen Horde Music

I’ve stumbled into a bug when the beastmen horde music starts and never stops. While being rather annoying, it also attracts distant enemies that otherwise remained calm.
Also, I do believe it was (at least, there was an attempt) fixed at some point, but it’s still here.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play a map with beastmen (Athel Yenlui, for example).
  2. Face a horde of furries.
  3. ??? (some unknown conditions).
  4. Enjoy drums until the end of the round.

Here’s the video of me doing my business before the finale of Athel Yenlui without any horde nearby while music still plays (it actually started somewhere in the middle of the map and stopped only when I touched a crystal):
P.S. Crank up the volume to maximum, I have sound recording issues.

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I have the same issue, it’s very common, especially on Dark Omens.

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