Another log for missed spawns

Again no horde spawned or just 4-5 mobs. (Into the Nest on Legend)

  1. We had the Signal for the first horde at the first tome… just some mobs appeared.
  2. Same at the Rat ogre cages.
  3. A lil horde with no sound.

console-2018-08-29-18.35.02-D0DC758C-89A5-4F4A-A16A-2DA6.log (2.5 MB)

In both cases where the horde didn´t spawn, i went instinctiv back to the sound, meanwhile my team went on.
That´s mostly the same. Maybe the AI-director is irritiatet about that. I don´t know…

This has since been resolved in our latest patch released earlier. Let me know if you have any problems! :slight_smile:

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Which patch? Was there an 80Mb patch or something i missed?

This happened after the DLC patch. was released a little earlier today (around 200mb)

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Thx for that info… i probably missed that highspeed download.

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Got another Horde Audio, but no horde appeared… The Pit at the 2nd tome… We just waited there for it.

console-2018-08-31-20.54.47-4FB3CE35-1FEB-43F2-A0AB-5864.log (1.3 MB)

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