Horde spawning in plain sight (Mordrek's Fortress)

Horde spawned in plain sight at the Cairn Gate at Mordrek’s Fortress.

console-2021-04-27-17.25.47-f54b29ca-0a50-4686-bad6-c08ce46f53d6.zip (2.5 MB)
Video time was 20:44:36 CEST

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I’ve had this same thing happen with a bunch of rats.
They were even inside the cairn and had to be dealt with for me to even enter.

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I actually like when they spawn there.

Cant we keep it but maybe in a more scripted form? There is a charm in fighting enemies on a high narrow bridge like that to reach something beyond.

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Good point, I like that idea.
There just so happens to be a tower right on top of the Cairn gate so maybe FS considered that at some point during development :man_shrugging:

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