Against the Grain: Horde Spawn in Plain Sight

I’d like to report an issue of horde appearing in plain sight AGAIN. This time it was after monster in the barn was defeated. I stood in front of the entrance to the building, and horde spawned right inside of it on my very eyes.
My intuition tells me that specifically this case might be related to the door and incorrect check of it being “opened”.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play Against the Grain.
  2. Complete event of killing the monster.
  3. Stand outside the barn and watch the door.
  4. Be lucky.

Here’s the video:

And console logs if it can help the matter:
console-2021-07-10-10.37.04-18b9400a-765f-49bf-bb60-d3a49e60d850.log (1.2 MB)


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