Against the Grain - 2 Horde Bugs at Monster Barn

If the horde comes when I reach the barn where a monster comes out once the doors are unlocked, I normally climb on to the small platform with the bots since it is easy to defend. I noticed that there are 2 bugs:

  1. This bug happens often: The horde keeps coming! Even worse, once when I played a heroic deed where the horde spawns with greater frequency, they kept coming for a very long time until I put a stop to it. To put a stop to it, I have to get off the platform and fight on the ground.

  2. This bug happened once today: In the attached screenshot, the enemy has decided that shouting threats at the heroes is less hazardous than actually attacking them. But seriously, the enemy has stopped attacking and were idle on the rooftop. On the right side and outside of the image, there was another bunch running back and forth on the ground.

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