Righteous stand horde attack

i don’t know what causing this time to time but
behind the elevator is this room sometimes these hordes are waiting kindly in line and it feels kinda silly to execute them 1by1 when they behaving this properly haha

It’s Fatshark going for the full Swedish Warhammer experience. Every once in a while you get a group of zombies that just excel at queuing.

They’re the enemies you didn’t kill in the arena. Didn’t know they are standing idle there, though. There are sometimes host/client problems with them (they behave normal for host, but have /wallhack for clients, but only visually, it’s weird).

Actually they are horde after you clean arena you can wait horde attacks on that spot. Found that queue hordes few days ago, was laughing with friend we was kinda stuck on there some time because elevator did not work

I think i missunderstood your first post, you mean directly behind the elevator on ground floor, i thougt you meant after you exit the elevator… Should’ve read the mission point in the picture.^^

This is wholesome content. :heart_decoration:

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