More respawn fun

  1. Righteous stand

The bot died before the arena. It respawned in the upper elevator room, before the grill was closed and event started.

  1. Blood in Darkness

I don’t exactly remember what happened, but I died around the event and respawned in a place where no-one could reach me. See the screenshot.

  1. Empire in Flames

We all went through the cellar at the beginning, after the first point of no return in Usingen. The monster spawned and managed to kill two of us. However, despite all of us having dropped into the cellar when deaths occurred, the respawns happened before the tunnel, i.e. the victims were not reachable. See the screenshot.

  1. Skittergate

We all entered the gate to Norska (after two teammates respawned becuse they fell throught the hole introduced in August). One player was a little bit further ahead. The horde started and killed him. Then it killed another two, as if they were spawning around us. The first player respawned at the lift at the very end of the level, the other two just a bit ahead of the last one standing.

  1. Horn of Magus

I haven’t been in the game since the beginning, when I joined, there was the monster fight. 2 bots and I died, two players joined while dead, we were all rescued, the fight was going on and on. However, a player died again and respawned after the green wall. See the screenshot.

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