Respawn points yet again (I'll just keep on adding to this...)

  1. Hunger in the dark

A player died somewhere between the second grim and the last tome (I think it was in the cavern beneath the grim); there was a horde and a lot of worse enemies in the middle. He respawned at the altar, quite a while before the rest of the party arrived at the final ammo crate (now that I think about it, I doubt we made it so far).

  1. Horn of Magus

The barrel even has mostly been fixed. Mostly, as can be seen from the screenshot (the player died in the middle of the street leading to the event, before anyone reached the barricade.

  1. Blood in the Darkness

Everyone apart from the elf died almost immediately after opening the door at the end of the second courtyard. When we respawned, the elf was most definitively in the courtyard. However, we respawned in Nurgloth’s cellar. I don’t know if that’s too far, but it definitively felt so.

  1. Skittergate

There is still a good chance that the players who die fighting monster before activating the gate to Norska will find themselves respawned behind the greenwall, in the arena with the inactive gate.


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