Horn of Magus respawns

  1. The barrel event

I have experienced this on a number of occasions that the person dying before the event starts will respawn very far, at the bottom of the stairs after the plaza, sometimes even before anyone has crossed the point of no return.

Personally, I think that’s way too far and that it would be good if the respawn was inside during the event until all the explosives are placed, especially if the monster appears, which happened on several occasions. At the very least the respawn should be the one inside the room within the event area until the event start.

  1. The tower finale

Since the DLC, whenever someone died in the finale, that person would respawn at the bottom of the tower. I thought it rather bad because it meant that whoever died would basically wait a long time, but…

Then today I saw something completely new: I died first because I haven’t heard the second triad of monks coming from my side. I respawned at the bottom. Then the WH died. He respawned on top, more or less at the moment when the elf died. The elf respawned at the bottom.

Was the WH respawning above a bug? Or have we been playing bugged finale all the time?


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