Can you please look at spawn points in the tower on horn of magnus? They are ridiculous

I’ve had players and bots die on the way up the the tower and for some reason they usually spawn at the bottom of the tower where the original elevator takes you up to to tower.

Also while doing the tower event with the waves or before/after blowing the horn once you’re in the arena, bots and players spawn below at the the final elevator (Near the end of the map) So they cant take part in the event waves.

The fact is a run gets much higher overall chance to fail because of these stupid spawn points that are in the game -STILL- and it makes me mad.


I have seen respawns at the top of the tower in the event room before, but only after the event was already done. Maybe the spawns are flipped.

I’ve experienced this every time someone died at the Magnus tower. They respawn by the end of the lift instead of somewhere within the hold-out arena at the bell.

I always assumed this was intentional. Like how you used to respawn after the lift on Into the Nest if you died during the boss fight. Add that to the fact that the normal pre-boss restock supplies didn’t exist & that made for a pretty annoying end-of-map experience.

I’m glad they eventually changed that. I would vote in favor of a similar change on Horn of Magnus.

As you’re able to spawn in pretty much all other crescendo events, probably makes sense to fix this and let us spawn in the horn area.

The whole map needs a looking at. I had a game where I and others died between the pig pens and the first grim (around the first boss/patrol trigger) and had our responds set at 2nd grim, well past the barrel event and 2nd boss/pat trigger.

If you die at the barrel event, you probably should respawn at that event, not on the other side of the wall. I forgot about that one earlier because deaths aren’t as common there as at the end-of-map fight, but it would be good to change that one, too. I don’t really think it adds anything compelling to the game to ever make revives inaccessible.