Rescue spawn points

This has been an issue since beta of February 2018 but mentioning again since it’s getting ridiculous whilst streaming. Rescue points are way too spare and daft distance from the action. Example: Just doing horn of magnus with the mutator. 2 team members die in exact same place- in the pig pits… and one respawns in the gate event, the other all the way at the 2nd grim!!! Bracksenbruke: Person dies on bridge at the beginning… one spawned in because of boss just prior just the green wall before the river… the other spawned in the damn end event and missed the whole match! After a year can something please be done about this?


I confirm that. Looks like the spawn points have not been well thought out. Also in HoM you can kick player almost on bridge of shadows. This is really unfair.

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A couple days ago I had another issue with spawn points where we were forced to 3-man Halescourge. A bot had died and needed rescuing, spawning on the upper path by the first grim. A patrol came so we had to drop down or face them. After dropping down we realized we could no longer rescue the bot, and they never respawned forward from that location for the rest of the match. There were multiple players that joined and left as the bot until one guy waited through the boss fight for a free crate.

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