Into the Nest has poor respawn points

Someone correct me if I’m wrong (it could, in the end, simply been a temporary bug), but this is the third or so time that someone has died in the beginning of the Undercity part of Into the Nest**, and respawned all the way in front of the boss room.
That’s way too long a treck, about 3 hordes will pop inbetween your friend dying and you being able to rescue them (and it’s an absolute death sentence if you’re alone).

I really suggest adding more respawn points inbetween, it’s hilariously long otherwise.
If this is a bug, please tell and I’ll just report it as a bug in the bug subforum.

** By that I mean, the part where the map stops being an abandoned Dwarf Hold, and becomes a Skaven city, the one with the green lights and such. It’s a long portion of the map, and it seems to have no respawn points distributed in it. Only the beginning, and the very very end.


There’s a respawn point at the beginning of the “rat nest bridge” but afaik that’s the only one. It doesn’t seem to be used all the time though for some reason.

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Haven’t really noticed, Into the Nest is one of the easier missions imo due to only being Skaven (No cheaty blightstormer’s or Beastmentide) So haven’t really had a lot of people die on that map.

The Skaven city part the only respawn is at the bottom of “Black fur Bridge” which is after the Rat Ogre pin’s. So if for some reason it doesn’t spawn them there, or your team is too close to Black fur bridge it is going to place their revive point farther ahead in front of the boss rather than place their revive a few feet away or “too close” to you at Black fur bridge, I don’t know the minimum distance, but the game seems to never give you “close revives” unless of course its during a finale where there is a respawn location inside the finale.