Into the Nest - Finale fight is inconsistent

Out of the 4 boss fights, the other 3 fights all have player respawns during the boss fight. Into the Nest, however, is inconsistent and has players respawn after the fight.

Seems like it should have a respawn location inside the map like the other finales.


Also, no resources to fill up right before. Both issues seem to be someone forgetting to add something, because, as you said, it’s inconsistent with other Lords, and because he isn’t specifically easier to fight than others.


I’m trying to think of another finale that doesn’t have respawn locations in the event zone, and I’m not coming up with one offhand.

I agree. Especially considering this fights gets tough if you don’t have enough armor piercing and ranged

Agree, hopefully they update it to allow respawns inside the boss arena. I don’t know how many times we’ve gotten hit with some particularly bad Director luck right before the boss and had to face him with multiple people on temp health… it sucks!

actually he’s the easiest boss, if people just avoid him and focus on the adds. eventually he’ll run to a corner to summon adds, kill adds and you can just sit at ranged and smack his head till death.

the problem is that 99% of pugs keep running in to melee and activating him.


So much this. All of my failed runs of Into the Nest are by players who blatantly ignores the trash mobs and tunnel the boss, and also not blocking/avoiding his charged spear swipe. It is such an obvious windup moves and yet so many players just keep running into it while spamming LMB.

Trash before boss. Always.

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If skarrik didn’t take so many hits to kill with non shield breaking weapons, I’d have no problem with people spawning outside the boss arena; It feels like I’m punching through concrete with my bare hands. if no one dies however he is an easy boss.

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  • no ammunation/potion.

Combined with Ratlings shooting through entire suburbs. And a boss fight in the shantytown with little space.

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He is the easiest boss… if you happen to have the right weapons.

The easiest fix is to add health and ammo right before him… and LET US CHANGE ITEMS AT THE START OF A LEVEL. We could do it in VT1 there is no reason to not have it here. Getting this in a Quick Play match when no one is equipped to fight him is a joke.

I have no complaints about people not spawning in his arena. If you clear the trash first he’s easy to kite and his attacks are easily avoidable.


don’t agree with this. if you want to have a choice in loadout vs maps, go play custom games.

quickplay trains you to use your preferred loadout to handle anything the game throws at you, to be ADAPTABLE. and you get a reward for that (more chance at better loot) putting the inventory at the start of a level just makes it cheesy.

You could do it in VT1. Certain maps are completely different and since you can’t pick your weapons after the map starts everyone is defaulting to the “all around best” weapon instead of using niche weapons that would fit a specific map.

“Play Custom” isn’t a realistic answer. The majority of the community plays Quick Play.


so… we are in agreement? if everyone is defaulting to the ‘all around best’ weapons that they can use, they should be equipping it in the keep so they don’t delay the start of the run by fiddling about in the inven.

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Best “all around” weapon isn’t the best weapon for every map. I don’t see how that’s hard to understand. Maps with a boss at the end at different than say Horde maps.

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ah ok your first sentence talks about v1 and then you move on to describe v2. i misunderstood.

well my point still stands, seems like fatshark doesn’t want people to pluck out specialised weapons for maps on quickplay. the way it’s designed looks to me like they want people to be ready for whatever the game throws at them, with their preferred weapon setups. your character’s aren’t supposed to know how the maps play out anyway.

personally i’m not in favour of the inven at the start of the map, causes delay and indecision.

There’s a LOT more wrong with Skarrik than the lack of player respawn in his arena and no stock-up before the fight.

  • He doesn’t get knocked down. Or he does, but just like Chaos Warriors, he is instantly up upon taking any damage. Not that he starts his get-up animation. He doesn’t have one. He’ll instantly be up and attacking the second he takes damage after a knockdown.
  • The obviously messed up range on his AoE knockback. If you want it to be that big, at least give a visual cue for it like Chaos Champion’s shockwave.
  • His AI messes up sometimes. When he starts his add phase, if no one ever goes to melee him, he’ll just stay in that corner while a mage can melt his face off in about a minute.
  • Wizard as a whole makes the fight absolutely trivial, as she does every other boss, but this one especially.
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It really wasn’t an issue in VT1. Example is if I’m on my Slayer and we get Festering Ground instead of sitting mostly afk and hoping something attacks on the final fight I could switch to IB and help plink the pods. Since it’s a fairly tight map with chokes I’d prefer the IB Flame Thrower.

On Against the Grain I’d prefer to play Slayer where it’s more open and you have room to flank and attack.

I get what you’re saying but it simply wasn’t an issue in VT1. It added maybe 30-60 seconds on to the length of the match.

This is extremely annoying on this fight. As a Slayer, or any melee, you have extremely small windows with huge risk in which to attack him. If one person just clears the horde out around Sienna she can attack him constantly at very little risk.

He’s the easiest boss if you have Sienna. I’ve gotten this on Quick Play with Shade, Slayer, Merc Kruber, and WHC and it was a nightmare. Yeah not the greatest comp but in QP people play what they want. We beat him but it took roughly 10 minutes.

Actuallly I played with Sienna 300 full oranges in Veteran farming to help a friend unlocking missions. And while í could kill elites, armoureds and bosses with fireball staff, i couldnt do a single 1 damage to the boss with chargeds or unchargeds ranged attacks.

So you are right, when your weapons are not bugged or they work as they should.

For the rest i agree. It should be as the rest of the bosses.

They allowed this in VT1 for several reasons. Those reasons largely remain the same in VT2. Like you only need one person with the medic trait etc. Forcing people to use only one loadout for all situations and groups is boring. Being able to adapt your loadout to your group and map is far more interesting.

The quickplay bonus isn’t there to reward you for having a robust loadout. It’s to encourage and reward players for playing with randoms.

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