Into the Nest Boss stops fighting

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Play “Into the Nest”-mission on legend with some folks who are interested in doing the challenge “More where they came from”. This challenge requires Skarrik Spinemanglr to kill 40 of his own ratmen. However, he will stop and do nothing after a while. He stops functioning in the far left corner (when looking from the entrance, where you drop down). His fellow rats will continue to spawn, but he himself remains idle. Usually we had someone who could go invisible in the fight.

How consistently the issue occurs for you:
4 times already. It’s not that care about the challenge so the boss gets deleted in less then 10 seconds usually; sometimes even in less than 3. But everytime I managed to find a team of aspiring people who wanted to do the challenge, he (Spinemanglr) just stopped working.

Screenshots and/or video evidence:
Sadly, none. However I can take a screenshot where he fails to function (if I gte the chance). Usually he gets deleted instantly.

Compare that to “Convocation of Decay” end-event. Lol.

He does have phases in which he stands in the corner and summons minions, that’s normal. So just to make the issue you’re having clear: In your situation getting near him to bait out a windmill swing doesn’t work, like it normally does? After baiting him into those for a bit he should resume his rampage again. I haven’t encountered him going into idle mode ever, and I helped some randoms get this specific challenge 2 weeks ago.

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Correct. In the end our ironbreaker lost his patience and killed him with hammer and shield, pummeling away for a few minutes. Spinemanglr would just stand there.
I suspect it has something to do with invisibility of shade and huntsman. After the halberd swing and his change back to the swords he fails to aggro any target.

Hi justAxL,

I’ve had this happen when the host had a slower connection and a VERY crappy PC. Maybe try it with a different host for the achievement?

Good luck,

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I will give it a shot.

Invisibility does have the capacity to break the AI but I’ve only seen it happen when units are in climbing animations. Never seen it happen to skarrik

(as for the point about slow connection and a low end PC: you’d have noticed issues throughout the whole map, not just in the arena unless their PC and connection happened to be fine until bottle-necking in the finale)

I had none (issues) whatsoever. And I had different hosts as well. There is a chance they had “Very crappy PC”, even if it’s a low chance.

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