Skarrik Spinemanglr Immediately Snaps Up From Stunned Position

Issue Summary:
The boss in Into The Nest, Skarrik, instantly snaps up after being stunned when hit by another attack.

You can see it happen in this footage three times:
Once after Salt’s ult, and twice more after Pyro’s ult.

console-2018-09-26-01.56.46-6E04B356-72D4-4C36-B4F7-B7A3.log (3.9 MB)

I’m pretty sure, it’s because he got attacked from other players at the same time.

You can interrupt his attacks in the assassin-form with continuesly attacks of all party members since the dlc-patch. As you can see, your slayer attacked him so fast, that the attack-interrupt-animation interrupted the downed-animation.

A console.log could be useful for FS, but i’m pretty sure , that my supposition is correct.

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