Into the Nest Gondola of Doom

So we were fighting Spinemangler, beat him by the skin of our teeth. Shade and BH were dead, just me as a Merc on a sliver of health and a wounded Slayer. I’m out of ammo.

We ride the gondola into a gun rat at the platform, one behind the scaffolding, and a gas rat up the bridge a little.

So we kill the closest gun rat, the second pushes us back into the lift (the lift walls don’t block rattling fire btw) and we get gassed.

Yeah, the gondola of doom is real. It put such a damper on beating the boss. I just wish there wasn’t such BS like that straight after a boss.


I made a post on this as well. Incredibly annoying to escape, speed away and feel safe, and then get absolutely dominated before you can get off the lift x.x i feel your pain friend

This is always to be expected, so save a few rounds and maybe a bomb just for this. It isn’t that bad if you are prepared.

It’s Into the Nest. No ammo since way before the bridge, BH and Shade were dead.

It makes killing the boss feel futile if there’s a 90% chance you will be death squad’d when you leave. Maybe if they changed the special spawn to only one at a time after a boss is dead rather than the usual 3-4 per spawn I wouldn’t have as much a problem with it. As it is now it feels super cheap, especially when you beat the boss by a very narrow margin. That sense of victory just gets dumped under warpstone bullets, gas and flames.


I think a super easy fix would be to just push the special spawns back to the coridor (about 5-10 sec after u get off gondola) so that you regroup on the landing, then push forward and keep fighting. When i ran w/ my team, everyone was bleeding out, on last lives, and we got hit by gasrat before we could exit the gondola and just melted in the death mist (not to mention the ratling in the corner just mocking us).

Like I said, learn to account for the specials and save some ammo. It is not like it is worthwhile to be shooting at the boss in the first place unless you are specced for that, and even then you should still be saving the last couple of rounds for the specials at the end and learn to melee him. Learn to save a bomb or two if you think you need it.

Alternatively, you probably could just wait at the bottom for around a min or less for the specials to spawn at the bottom with you to fight them there.

Yes, I see your point, but isn’t it also just bad design for them to have so many specials after a boss? Or at the very least bad map pacing.

I was out of ammo long before the boss in that run… because Into the Nest has crap item spawns.


I think its a difference of opinion over how the game should be played. To me, being able to be gassed before you can physically exit the Gondola is an unfair mechanic, w/ the easy fix above. We see it as less than favorable design/placing, but others see it as a “its what the devs intended, deal w/ it” mindset. I would be curious to see what a dev actually thinks, whether it was intended, or just happens to be somthing that happens that hasnt been looked into yet. I dont think the fix would make it “easier” per say, just more fair to the majority of players. To me, riding the gondola (at high speeds) gives you the sensation that you accomplished your mission, the worst is behind you, and your getting away before the army of rats catches up. having specials somehow knowing to wait ahead just puts a damper on the rush of assassinating a rat-lord XD. I wouldnt mind them hiding farther up in the chasm, or even replacing the special spawns w/ elites, since it would make sense that a warlord would have some of his elite guard guarding the fastest route to his lair (one gondola ride away). Just a difference of opinion i guess

Every time I’ve played this map, there has always been a bunch of specials waiting for us on the platform’s landing.
Last time it was two gasrats, a firerat and an assassin. We didn’t even had an audio cue (if you exclude Saltz instantly dying :sweat: ), but I was ready to jump because I’m getting used to that sort of welcome party.

Haha yeah it´s a thing alright. I don´t mind it, but it a bit unfair, especially lobbing gas grenades into the platform before you can kill em.

I like the murder welcome party, makes the escape pretty intense. +1 to the folks who said to save ammo; it’s true that there is no ammo right before the boss, but really a few rounds aren’t going to be the difference maker in the boss fight. If you ran out of ammo way before him might be good to conserving ammo More in general.

I do agree gunners should not be able to shoot through those walls tho, that’s definitely a bug.

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