Having specials spawn after bosses is just wrong

Just cleared the Skavan Boss, everyone bleeding out but alive, we get on the lift, ride it all the way to the end, and just as we arrive, theres a gas rat (already throwing), a flame rat and a stab rat all waiting, and instakills everyone in the lift before it even allows us to get off and fight. Thats just… Uncool. I can accept difficulty, but that is just wrong on so many levels. If your going to have specials after a boss, at least give us a chance to fight them x.x

This happened to me too on Into the Nest - gas rat waiting for us at the end of the lift. We got lucky and he hit something above the lift, but that would have really sucked.

Just gotta make sure enough people have ranged ammo!

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My group said hi to two gassies yesterday. Dropped two of us. Neither were on their last wound, luckily, and other two survived to take out the rats, so it could’ve been much worse. I remember another time with at least two assassins…

I don’t mind specials or other spawning after the boss, as such, but I do mind them waiting for us to get off the lift and immediately attacking. I’d like to have the usual grace period of at least a second or two, after all.

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It just seems a bit… pointless to have them spawn there… I mean damn… push them back to the caverns or something xD or yah, at least give the team a few seconds to exit the lift before gassing us into oblivion. Oh wells, guess I just have to be prepared for it from now on :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw great picture

Specials now are given a delay before spawning after a boss fight to give the team some room to breath and regroup. This means that you don’t get the usual specials immediately after the boss fight and instead get it after your gondola ride. Just remember that and get ready to shoot. Imo it is pretty hilarious.

I don’t mind specials spawning after the boss has died but I have noticed on levels with lifts they will tend to group around where the lift ends causing you to be unable to deal with them.

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People were complaining about wiping immediately after fighting bosses so when fatshark changed it to give them some breathing room, people still complain…

They should complain. They have every right to, this is a feedback forum and they are using it exactly what it is for.

Though giving feedback is more than just saying “so and so sucks” Explaining why it sucks goes a long way. I think the OP did a good job of expressing his feelings and as I agreed with him on one of his points that specials spawning at the end of lift sections isn’t really too fun and hard to deal with after completing a tough boss section.


Well, you got time to recover and you know for sure that they’ll be waiting for you. Nothing stops you for planning ahead for that and being ready to blast them when they come into view. Alternatively you could probably wait at the bottom for them to spawn and deal with them there before heading up. It is entirely your choice on when/where you want to engage them once you figure out the mechanics of it.

Should the game really punish you after completing a boss fight by having a pack of specials sometimes spawn in a position where you can’t attack them before they win up their attacks? I feel like the most challenging part of a boss map is the boss fight and the feeling of excitement shouldn’t be cut short by the anxiety of whether or not you are going to get a run killer pack spawn in a place you cannot prepare for.

It is entirely your choice on when/where you want to engage them once you figure out the mechanics of it.

The point I raise was that you cannot choose where and when to fight them. You have to take the lift to an area you cannot see and they spawn behind a wall so you cannot shoot them before the lift stops. The spawn area causes all 4 to stack by the exit of the lift and they wind up their attacks before you are able to attack them.

I do not mind when people provide reasonable ways to deal with difficult situations but the OP and myself raised an issue about being unable to deal with something that shouldn’t happen in the first place.

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I already told you, you wait at the bottom instead of going up immediately if you don’t want to face all the specials that are nicely grouped up for you to nuke.

Think of it as a fun point of view. You just kill a boss with your friends, it was hard but you finally did it and you feel great.

Now you have to wait and hide at the bottom of an elevator in case a run killer spawns?

While there are always ways to game difficult mechanics should you really be punished after killing a boss?


The whole point about it is that the devs did make it easier already and there are ways around it and yet people are still not happy. You can already on legend get a mass of specials lined up for you just before the portal so if anything it has made it a lot easier to predict and defeat IF you know what you are doing. The mass of specials after bosses is simply because of the special spawn timer being blocked from spawning specials during the boss fight and is being restarted after the boss is dead. It isn’t about punishing the players, just about resuming game mechanics back to normal after giving the players an easier time.

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