Enemy Spawning is Terrible


this happens often, enemies spawn right in front of the player out of nowhere, suddenly in the air, rats, beastmen, chaos, in the air

If this can get fixed, it would be great.


Event revamp is probably the best thing of this patch, but yeah, specials spawn are off - everywhere, i don’t think it’s a problem with the events. AI often spawns 2 specials at the same time, in virtually (and sometimes exactly) the same spot. makes it feel artificial at best

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I agree.

I don’t think that spawning the same two specials is bad. I mean, weapon teams are a thing to my knowledge. As is team work where you’ve got two of the same helping each other out.

But spawning them in the sight of the player, hence “out of nowhere” is a problem.

Plague Rats spawning behind a twiglet two feet away then going full-on-feminist screeching and pistol whipping me to death is a recipe for instant blood pressure problems.

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I agree with 4chan above. Spawning in plain site within hitting distance is a problem I thought they’d already resolved.

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Considering they’ve pretty much reintroduced every single bug they’ve “fixed” since the very release of the game, as well as adding new ones with each iteration, the chance of that happening is essentially zero. Hoestly astounding, and makes you wonder how much of a spaghetti shitheap the source code of the game must be.

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[The 4 S's: Sight, Sound, Spawns, and Specials]
Here we go again. To their credit the only “sight” complaint is that the new flag bearers are hard to distinguish when they’re creeping up on you with their entourage. Specials are fine in their strength and power.

The other two S’s apply in a very big way.
Maybe I’ll have to make another one? Call it ’the two S’s’? Huh?
Life Leechers can soundlessly teleport and specials can point blank spawn on you. As can mobs during a horde. Having a slave rat fabricate into existence in a wall or an ammo box is becoming annoying and quickly destroying my enthusiasm. And for how often it happens now Rattling gunner point blank spawns are going to make me rage quit. God knows how many players I’ve seen lately that just wash their hands of this.

I would never bash the team working hard to provide an excellent game. But dag nab it, how are we back to a year ago. Sheesh.

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enemies spawn already sorrounding the player, not in front or aside, they spawn with the hero in the middle, suddenly


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