Specials spawning in front of people more frequently

Another enemy spawning in front of us.

Gunner Rat.

Festering Ground.

Gas and Gunners have been spawning in front of people. Gunners will spawn while shaking about and be unable to move.

Packmasters are spawning super close to people again.

Just had the same issue happen in Engines of War in the end fight. Gunner spawned right in front of me like 10 feet away. Game was also quite laggy and had problems with hit registration and I was getting ghost hits as a HOST. Pings with other players ranged from 60-100 and Iā€™m getting solid ~170Mbps download&upload in speedtest.

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I had a whole horde spawn infront of me during a fort bacon run, had just barely started, picked up the first tome and gone upwards under the bridge/high road. Just past there i was looking back and i got to see a whole skaven army with monks&stormvermin&specials included just pop into existence. Under, on and infront of the bridge/road.

AI director seems to be having some hiccups.

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