Horn of Magnus Spawn Point - Redux

So this is something that was already raised here: Horn of Magnus end event spawn point

Essentially, if you die near the end event of Horn of Magnus you respawn all the way down at the final bubble, essentially making you sit and watch for a long time while your teammates play without you. This is how the event worked in Vermintide 1, but I feel this spawn point should get changed for Vermintide 2 to be consistent with the rest of this game.

All other end-of-map events (or middle-of-map events, for that matter) have a respawn point that is within the “arena” of the event so that people can be resurrected. I like this. It sucks if you die and have to just sit and watch for a long time. I don’t think having the spawn point there makes it too easy, either… it’s not like it’s particularly easy to rescue someone mid-event craziness.

While you’re at it, change the spawn point for the barrel event on this same map. You know, the mid-map event where you have to lug three barrels over to the gate? Players who die here don’t just spawn after the gate, they spawn WAY after the gate, after the huge courtyard, after a lot of street, near the stairs where the hidden door for the rune is. That is WAY to far, please put a respawn point somewhere in the barrel event. Maybe in one of the rooms off to the side?

As mentioned the norm is for events to have a spawn point nearby. You guys even changed boss walls so that there is always a spawn event this side of the boss wall, so it seems that the intention is that a killed player should never be respawned behind any sort of impassable barrier. So please, bring Horn of Magnus up to that standard :slight_smile:


I 100% agree with the spawn point at the end even of Horn of Magnus, it needs to be fixed. Tis already been reported here and in the steam forums. But, I wanna clear something up!

This is a bug.
I’ve noticed that if a player dies and respawns CLOSE to the barrel event, but before the barrel event starts, they spawn where you mentioned. But if they respawn while the event is currently going on, they actually respawn INSIDE the event area. There’s other places where this is happening and it’s not exclusive to horn of magnus. The finale of Garden of Morr, for instance, has the same issue.
But, Horn of Magnus’ finale has no such bug, it just has a shitty spawn point.


Interesting! The last time I played it one person died right before the barrel event like you said, but then two others died during the event right at the beginning. They also spawned way out there with the first person. Maybe the first person dying bugged the spawn for them too?

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Hm. Well now I’m not so sure, but I can guarantee that I’ve had, on ocassion, rescued someone who died during the barrel event and was respawned inside the event area. Perhaps a patch changed this. Or perhaps, like you said, the first person dying bugged it for the rest.

However, the Garden of Morr example exhibits the same behavior, and I’ve personally seen it during the current live patch, so there’s that.

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It may also be just some of the usual spawn point weirdness. Since the spawn point for a dead character is based on the location of the rest of the team, at the time of spawning, it can be manipulated to some extent. Also, in some other locations (Fort Brachsenbrucke is kinda infamous for this) the spawn points may get some pretty wild fluctuation because of this, together with the map path being a winding one - and around the barrel event in Horn, the route almost doubles back.


While I had experienced respawns during the barrel event, they are very rare. And I really have zero positive feelings towards the developers when I die due to my dear teammates near the first grim and respawn at the bottom of the f ucking stairway.

That is the only situation where I will consider leaving the game. But I cannot now cause I’m hosting it while I write this.

Update: died on top for unknown reasons. At the beginning… So I get a chance to bicker about this one too.

I agree. Its to far away.

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