Back To Ubersreik DLC Maps respawn spot for players too far

Back To Ubersreik DLC Maps respawn spot for players too far.

For example, if you die almost at the very beginning of the map Horn of Magnus then the respawn spot may be will only near the gate with the rune. Once I went into the game and found myself in the place of a dead player. I waited 15 minutes, while the remaining 3 players fought off 4 waves of hordes, held events with barrels and picked up 3 tomes and 1 grimmoire! If they had to fight a monster, I would have waited even longer!

Why place the respawn spot so far? Respawn spot may be placed before the event with barrels, for example.

On other maps, the situation is similar. I will not paint in detail, maybe someone wants to add their story.

Thanks for attention.

Yes, we respawn way too far, in the other maps too, even farther away than in v1

I had an issue where after I died, it respawned me in an area where my team couldn’t see me. I had to wait out the entire map and didn’t get to play. 2 other teammates had died right next to me, and respawned next to each other, but I was off map or something strange.

I have noticed this,

And especially on a map like Horn of Magnus where it can be as intense as Against the Grain in the beginning. There’s a LOT of activity happening prior to that so the distance from first respawn is a bit much.

In Engines… sometimes its really a bit wonky as to where you respawn.

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