Very unfair respawn point (Against the Grain)

One thing i wanted to report for a very long time (but forgot everytime).
Sry for reporting as a bug, but still though i think it may be counted as such, marked as feedback, too.
It’s after the barn with the guaranteed boss, past the stone wall and behind that little rock in the middle with a possible item drop. If you die there, you will respawn in the event in the first barn on the first floor close to the waggon with the human cages.
Here are screenshots of when i respawned with the position of the group and my position in comparison.

I died shortly before that, in the water behind the fence leading up to the tome (i know, bad spot to fight under any circumstance).
Please consider to make a hard-set spawn point with the healing and the ammunition in front of the bridge, or at least directly after the drop to the the event.

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