Spawn points again (Festering ground, HoM, Fort BlunderingBlunder)

I presume that is the pile at the final event. Just to let you know that it also screwed up respawns - in two games so far the deceased have respawned at the end instead of in the final event cavern. In both cases they died between second and third infestation.

HoM respawns around barrel event have not been dealt with. If you die anywhere after the point between the assassin cache and shortly before the first grim, you are most likely to respawn beneath the stairway after the plaza. This has become the one situation where I will leave the game.

The respawns around the river crossing have always been an issue, but they seemed a bit better for a while (not good!). It seems that the issue came back with a vengeance. So far I have experienced the respawn at the cave entrance twice, despite dying a long before the first grim. The only time when I respawned closer was during the monster fight (still hate the green wall).

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