Respawning Behind Points of No Return

This is happening frequently at Festering Ground and Empire in Flames for me. Players go down and they respawn behind the party.

EDIT: wanted to clarify, the specific places people were respawning behind. In Festering it’s at the rope bridge river crossing after the big drop. From the cave system all the way to the big drop at the camp we experienced down players respawning at river crossing.

At Empire we saw players respawning at the first drop inside the city before the basement section.


This happens on Righteous Stand too.


Same on Skittergate. Happend 2 times in are row for us.

Someone died right before entering the gate back to deathrattler and got respawned in right before the boss of the chaos camp.

Second one who died in the boss fight was respawned right before you use the lift to destroy the generators.

Happend a yesterday on Into the Nest too. Died mid map and got respawned next to the first grim.

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Experienced this on Festering Ground too.
Player died at the last tome and was thrown back to the spawn point before the 2nd grim.

When someone dies on Skittergate I usually find them respawning by the water, just before Naglfahr. Even while fighting Rasknitt, that’s where they end up.

Played skittergate, went down in the deathrattler arena. Everyone else spawned where they should, but I spawned on the ramp overlooking the arena near the first warp portal switch. I was too grumpy to get a screenshot.


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