Player Respawns and Silent Patrols

There is alot of maps right now that have weird respawns again.
For Instance:
Festering Ground: Someone died inside the cave after the grim and respawned at the entrance instead the exit.
Empire in Flames: If you died at the second Grim there is a really good chance that you will get your tied up body placed outside of the under path, after the tome.
Magnus: Players will spawn inside the Gate event area. That usually does not happen on Cata.

There is a lot of maps where Respawns are far closer now than they were before this patch on cata difficulty.

Some, not all, Patrols are Silent (no chanting, or whatever its called). Empire in Flames had that twice today, remember that especially since it was always the one at the end, but Grain did it, Morr, Engine, and a lot of others.

My two cents about broken spawns - both cases considered spawning back after point of no return:

Festering Ground - after dying in the area before/after the drop down to finale bot and player did respawn far-far back (likely somewere near the “camp” area with the second grim.

Skittergate - we died in the camp area just after the boss fight with the chosen one and where spawned just before the “narrow passage between walls” just before the fight with the chosen. From what I’ve seen this one is already acknowledged.

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