Festering Grounds - bugged ending

Hi, I was in a quick play match in Festering Grounds. At the end we ran into trouble with lots of staggered dying and respawning.

One or two players had died shortly before or after the last buboe was popped, so their spawn point moved to the exit. I think the host was the player to pop the final buboe and they also died while the soon-to-be last player was reviving me (from an earlier death) at the crater respawn. That player then held off the horde of rats that start flooding in while I went into the 3rd cave to get a tome but I got stabbed and went down. Last player either did not notice or wanted to make a solo run for it.

The two others appeared at the respawn location next to the exit. The last player started moving up the exit path past the wooden door/barricade that opens the circular ramp upwards, while I was bleeding out unmolested (so it took a long time). When they eventually got to the first of the cave-ins that should close off one path and open another, nothing happened (I finally bled out by this time). Both paths were locked and running back down and up again did not trigger the cave-in so we could not finish the level.

I assume what happened was that all the chaotic dying/respawning in conjunction with popping buboes and not exiting in a timely fashion somehow exposed some weird corner case in the trigger logic for the cave-ins that expose the exit path.

With the voice of Franz Lohner:
Now, what I need from you lot, is to go and have a little look-see into that broken piece of code. Do try to keep in mind that very random and chaotic gameplay already has, and probably will again at one point or another, make this particular map undefeatable. And we can’t have that, now can we? Oh, and there’s a pumpkin in it for you, he he… :wink:

Were you at the first cave-in still alive? (just downed)

No, I was downed in the 3rd cave. Maybe still bleeding out when last player left made it to first cave-in.

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