Respawn locations

So FS… my bots died at the awesome red location. Just have a look where they respawned, while me and saltz fought the enemies down.


Are you going to hotfix this or is it intended, that the whole party don´t really get any punishment for dying? This happens on each map as long as you don´t pass those respawn - locations. Ok… players can play and don´t have to wait then, but why are we able to die then?

Was that yesterday? I think I got punished for you, guys - I died on the first descent on Skittergate and got respawned near the winning end elevator XD

Yeah, the spawn distancing isn’t taking into account boss walls as of 1.2.1 live, so it’ll always spawn you in the next set of spawns ahead regardless if you were already in the segment of the map or not.

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