Skittergate respawn bugged (again)


So during a skittergate run that went smoothly right until the end i happened to find out that the final area respawns seem to have bugged out completely.

I died in the warp regulator zone and found myself respawning by the ammo box before the gatekeepers little area. Then we had a couple of bots die during the actual grey seer fight and they respawned all over the place.

One of them popped out by the cliffside path just before the second keystaff switch, the other if i am not mistaken was dropped infront the glacial caves.

Additionally i am unsure about this one but i think Shade stealth might have a bug where enemies somehow skip their attack animation when you exit it near them, i died in the warp regulator area to this.

To clarify, the delay between my exiting stealth and dying from full health was 0.5 seconds or shorter, fairly sure most enemies do not attack that fast.

But i did not record it so i am not sure about it .c

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