Horn of Magnus end event spawn point

So, I really don’t enjoy spawn points the force me to sit it out for a while. It’s a very boring punishment.

Right now I’m watching as my allies die in the horn of magnus end event. We can’t pick anyone up until after it ends. So, I’m here complaining to you, instead of playing.

When people die in these places (and we’re playing on legend) we just have to sit it out. This isn’t fun. I wanted to bail. I have the firm belief that you should never spawn players after an event checkpoint. The game is plenty hard. I came here to play, not sit on the bench.

To clarify, I don’t think I care that we lost; It’s the extended down time that frustrates me.

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The end event area has a really crap spawn point. As soon as you come up the elevator to head to the end game event area, if you die in that area, you spawn all the way down at the bubble. On legend hyper twitch, this means around 10 mins of just sitting and waiting to get picked up. It’s really annoying and most people do quit.

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In V1 such things were done by design to punish you for dying. it was intentional to separate you.
I don’t think that kind of punishment was nice but is seems to be left over here. (never died in that place in V2)

Last night, my foot got nicked by a chaos warrior as I was hopping down for the finale event. I died just before the horn was blown, and there was nothing I could do for 8 minutes or so, before my team died as well.

The v2 event feels longer than the v1 event. I think this duration is some of what bothers me, in the same way that I’m more bothered by the lock out between spawn waves in fortunes of war than I ever was with the last stand maps in V1.

I maintain – punish us with waves/special, don’t punish us with bench time.

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