Crescendo events are lackluster

The crescendo events - events with continuous spawns near the end of some maps - are lackluster and unchallenging. Especially notable on Righteous Stand and The Hungering Dark, but also the War Camp and so on. These events should put more pressure on the players than they currently do with tougher spawns and spawn combinations emphasizing teamwork and quick decisionmaking. As it stands, they’re a minor footnote or victory lap in the maps where they aren’t as difficult compared to some spawn combinations it takes just getting there.

I think if you re-tooled spawn pools and options on these maps so getting to the end wasn’t as much as an ordeal and then made the final holdout something brutal it would far more interesting and exhilirating in order to overcome it. You need only look at the holdout for Horn of Magnus or Man the Ramparts from VT1 for comparison.


festering grounds is the one that needs looked at the most i think. during the beta there were hordes the moment you got in and started to pop nurgle zits. now it’s just a bathroom break while one person does the work, as next to no enemies actually spawn until you’re fleeing. not really sure what happened there.

Against the grain is one. Used to spawn hordes and specials out in the last field in addition to mobs

Since the recent patch it looks like Fatshark put some mobs back in, but still not quite the same excitement, and for a long time it was just a peaceful stroll to the bridge.

We can easily conceive however of the last minute wipes that could result were the former difficulty restored. Regrettable, since I don’t recall it happening to me, and it was quite fun. Speed pot spam cleaving through the hordes on beta nightmare was one of my fondest activities

it’s because so many people complained about the difficulty of the game, that it got toned down. meh

I noticed this too. Last round we had no spawns for the whole event until we were escaping.

some definitely need looking at but the base design philosophy i thnk i prefer v1 felt abit like the level was just a waste of time and it was all on the end. i like the constant threat throughout with a bit of a bump.

we do have some maps with hard crescendos right now , halescourge and skittergate and they seem largely unpopular.

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