Bots vs Fence at Against the Grain

Hello again!
I’ve witnessed another issue with bots.
This time I played Against the Grained and reached the big open field between the giant oak and the wall of second farm. There were wooden fences (breakable wooden structures) across it. And, unlickuly, a gas rat spawned in the distance.
Bots considered it a threat and ran to it (that’s another issue that, I’m sure, you’re well aware of), but faced a fence and got stuck on it. Until I killed the gas rat. Then the bots broke the fence and returned to their somewhat normal behaviour.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play Against the Grain with bots and reach the area mentioned above.
  2. Get your bots positioned on the imaginary line formed by a fence and something that needs to die.
  3. Watch.

Here’s the video:

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