Joining players spawning in next to patrols

Could this please not be a thing? I thought joining players were supposed to be spawning closer to the group now? In the past two days I’ve had four runs cut short or almost ended by joiners spawning next to a patrol, getting basically one-shot and then the domino effect rippling out to the rest of us. In one game I was the joiner, but luckily a Bardin and Sienna were able to exploit the environment and fight off most of a chaos patrol after I (Kruber) and the Kerrillian were downed.

It’s absolutely no fair for someone to join then ruin three other’s run from something that was largely out of their control. Why can joiners not just spawn on the host?

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Or get a 3-5 second handmaiden like invisibility that dispels on attack.

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Lol that happend at my game at weekend too. A bardin joined and spawned in a patrol. He was instant dead. Was it you? xD He wrote than that he was spawning in a patrol. Im not sure but i think it was shittergate. But yeah thats true he should spawn by the group or at least not in a patrol. He was spawning far behind us in the patrol.

Nah, that wasn’t me, it’s just a fairly common occurrence.

Bonus bad spawn: today I joined a Righteous Stand where I spawned in mid-air in the elevator shaft, fell about half the length of it to splat at the bottom, after which a bunch of slaverats rushed in and beat me to death. That was pretty sweet.

Bonus bonus bad spawn: also today, joined ongoing map, instantly downed by a Troll thwomp (as in he started swinging and I spawned in the path of his swing), teammates also all killed (by a horde) around my body shortly thereafter.

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