Crash to desktop after killing Endboss on Skittergate

I just now joined a game on Skttergate, Legend difficulty as the Iron Breaker. I joined when the team was already fighting Rasknitt (Deathrattler was dead). We had no issue killing Rasknitt as well. We picked up the Loot Dice and ran for the lift, but here came the strange things:
-Ratling gunners started spawning and shooting
-Hookrats started spawning and, well, hooking players
… when usually all the rats run away.
I got killed and revived just before the lift and when we entered the lift (with 3 tomes, 2 grims) and I was kinda happy, the game crashed. There was no crashreport.

1.Steps to reproduce the issue:
Well… I really don’t know. I had some Stormvermin on me and I taunted them (for stamina) just when Rasknitt died. Maybe that messed up the spawns.
2.How consistently the issue occurs for you:
First time.

3.Screenshots and/or video evidence:
Sadly, none avalable.

If reporting a crash, please do so within the ‘Technical Support’ sub-category and include the crash report produced.

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