Athel end-event failed to kill all enemies

At the end 3rd round when the Stormnermins spawned, the objective exploded, leaving a dozen of enemies alive. Tey are not like the warpfire throwers spawning in the gateway, these guys did remain alive after the boom.

You can see, there are 3 SWs, and more out of my perspective, killing the wizzard.

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Same happend after the last event on Righteous Stand! After the “boom” the enemies stayed untouched! Happend only once so far!


It was just the first time to me too, but this was very annoying. After a complete teamdelete on the map I did kill the troll within the beastmen horde with 2 leeches and a hookrat, saved all my teammates, did the end-event, and then boom. We thought all of them will vanish, let the block down and poof, dead. Killed by enemies whom shouldn’t be there. After the 2.0 they get killed by the explosion as well as in the prepatch game, I don’t know what the hell is happening since WoM. We encounter these kind of stuff - these new and old-new bugs-, lots of them were fixed in prevorious versions (assassin instant pounce, facespawn patrols, etc), and they are in now, again.

Sadly, I began to feel that the “mostly negative” steam result is very appropriate. I put more than 1700 hours into the game, almost from the beginning, but I never felt the game in a bad condition like it’s in now. Talents doesnt work (huntsman 10% ammo on spec kill with repeater, gromril curse sometimes knock the hook from you, sometimes not, etc.), sounds missing, backend errors again, upgradint weave weapont make the game crash so hard, it doesn’t even pops the crash window. It’s like you brought an expired bread, and you are “forced” to eat it, because you love the bread.


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