Recommendation for moderation in balancing terms


So i have been seeing some discussion regarding the state of map-end events/finales with a fair bit of it centered around good 'ol fort buttonbush…specifically about how that event has been made far too easy and i intend to share my thoughts on it.

Prior to this taking place though, there were indeed some who felt that event was quite difficult, myself included, as it frequently featured rapid stormvermin+monk+packmaster spawns+smaller mobs with chaos warriors appearing at times.

It was extremely easy to just get drowned out by sheer numbers or get hopelessly locked down with 2 packmasters+monk army running one down. Indeed, i experienced this quite a few times and found it hard enough.

Fatshark appears to have agreed with people who felt similarly and pulled out the nerf hammer which is not a particularly bad thing…however i think they hit way too hard with it and instead of say only removing specials or reducing enemy wave density/spawnrate they removed elites entirely.

This has made the event very easy as slaverats and a handful of specials are borderline harmless, and as i believe this to be a bad thing i wish to make two recommendations that i think would be good going forward:

  • First, please exercise moderation when buffing or nerfing things! It´s better to take a bit of time with some step-by-step actions than just abruptly crashing things in the manner done to fort.

  • Secondly, please do add elites back to fort´s event but either remove specials spawning or tone down on the overall numbers/spawning speed a bit.

I am interested in seeing what others might think so feel free to comment^^

Thanks for reading!


Straight copy past of the answer I gave five minutes before in another thread:

Good, there are others who got that impression as well. I was very irritated by the absence of monks. I can only assume that a mistake happened there somewhere because they changed/varied the spawns for several events and Fort Brachsenbrücke is the only one so far which feels really off after the change.
I said it in another thread already. Due to Lohner’s careful planning our Heroes are either entering while the enemy is distracted or already has moved on. As such we have never a real clash with the main forces. The one notable difference is Fortunes of War where our Heroes have to rush to the scene because their intel got intercepted and the enemy is sending for once an actual fighting force.

Which brings me back to Fort Brachsenbrücke. That map finale is an ACTUAL SIEGE. It should be ridiculous and painful. I mean it is already absurd that non-canoniers shoot reliably three siege weapons. And no map finales do neither be consistent in difficulty with the rest of the map nor between each other.

You got stormvermin spawning? I went there and i had neither monks nor vermin O_O

Just a bunch of slaverats and some specials, it was extremely anticlimactic.

Possible that the spawns might conditionally bug out perhaps? Such a case would make more sense than fatshark just removing elites now that i think about it.

Hm, good question. Can’t remember bu wouldn’t swear on it. For me, the monks were always the more iconic threat on that map.

But it is strange how easy it got considering that several other maps feel as difficult as before or even slightly harder (Old Haunts, Convocation of Decay, Enchanter’s Lair, Festering Grounds (feels different but not easier at least), …).

I played it recently and definitely got a mix of elites


I copy a my message from the other thread:

I think Fort Brahftuhsknhfgdth could need an half way: harder than now, but easier than “pre-nerf” version… but maps like Convocation, Skittergate and mainly The Enchanter’s Lair should be tuned down a little to make them closer to the other maps. IMHO.

I dont think the recent Brachsen nerf was called for at all. People will always complain about stuff being too hard. To this day there are fresh steam reviews crying about the addition of the Mino and how that thing is just breaking their bones without remorse.

The way Lair is right now, no Elite, or Special spawns during the last phase, is more than fair and makes the fight completable by even cata QPs. Just stand your ground, push, and shoot, or career skill when there is an opening.
If its designed to be beatable as a QP group on cata than all there is to say about people calling for maps to be tuned down is to get over it and get better. I certainly dont enjoy Brachsen the way it is right now. It just turned to a “wait until its done event” like so many were pre WoM. I rather get busted than stand around for five minutes doing nothing. If you just play for wins and chests there are far easier ways than winning QPs.

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