Bots vs Terrain in Dark Omens

Recently I’ve played Dark Omens with bots. Team successfully reached 2nd grimoire location except it didn’t.
Bots refused to jump to the grimoire itself, instead they prefer getting stuck in endless loop of waling up and down little hill or sitting and doingnothing if got order to get the grimoire.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play Dark Omens with bots.
  2. Get to 2nd grimoire location.
  3. Jump to grimoire itself.
  4. Enjoy bots’ counterproductivity.

This happens to me every time I play Dark Omens with bots.
Here are some screenshots:

And console logs if necessary:
console-2019-10-20-11.45.34-29fa6388-1e5c-48e8-8ad7-bcd16ed33c91.log (1.2 МБ)

It’s not just dark omens.

I’ve had bots getting stuck everywhere and dying as a result.

I was playing solo and all three bots couldn’t get past the ladder in the windmill barn on Against the Grain.

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