Bots vs Hole

I’ve played infamous Convocation of Decay recently and managed to get some footage of bots trying to follow me down the hole to 2nd grimoire location. They all failed except Bardin who accidentally fell and lost large portion of health due to fall damage.
As all previous cases of bots getting stuck somewhere, it’s been in game since I have no idea how long ago. It tool them a lot of time to teleport to me and could cost me a lost run if Bardin wasn’t there.
There’s also a perfect example of The Burning Head flying to some trash mob instead of assassin in front of my face shown in the video. Outrageous.
Here’s the video:
Youtube video
And some console logs if needed:
console-2020-08-24-14.31.37-7d5cdfff-f69e-4a7b-aa0d-fb1a17a11a88.log (3.3 МБ)
P.S. In my opinion, bots should be either reworked or be forced to teleport to player via command “Come Here!”.

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