Bots vs Ladder

Hello there!
I’ve managed to record some footage of bots struggling to climb down the ladder of third tome tower of Halescourge map. They get stuck and teleport to player only when second grimoire location is almost reached. Apparently, they still have a small chance to get down. Really small one.
It’s been in the game for who knows how long and still infuriates me.
Steps to repdroduce:

  1. Play Halescourge with bots;
  2. Get to the tower where the third tome lies;
  3. Leave tower and watch the bots.
    Here’s some video footage of that:
    And screenshots:
    Kruber managed to follow me after several attempts and died to a patrol

    They are still there

    And console logs if it helps:
    console-2020-08-10-15.23.36-c212e299-6b96-47ec-9b53-4c4127aa3403.log (727.1 КБ)
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